Stop Making Excuses

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My dad and I've always spent our spare time building and tinkering with things around the house. We have quite a few projects that we need to finish. Luckily my mom has put up with our procrastination after all these years. It's time to stop making excuses and finish the following projects: 1.) create a small garden for my mom 2.) fix the backyard fence 3.) install hardwood floors in the kitchen 4.) re-tile entryway 5.) refinish the kitchen cabinets #stopmakingexcuses #pintowin #blackanddecker

Anthony H.
narrow raised beds in the side yard...great use of space #stopmakingexcuses #pintowin #blackanddecker

The first garden beds are in

We’re making progress on Operation Backyard.

How to garden in a tiny yard... Oh my goodness, these are cement mixing trays (Home Depot) & they are about $14 each.  #stopmakingexcuses #pintowin #blackanddecker

A raised garden for a friend: small spaces work! - Raised Urban Gardens

I have a good friend who wanted to grow tomatoes. She is an amazing woman, and she lives with her husband in an over-55 community that has very small yards. I built her a single garden box to grow tomatoes in, and she liked it so much she wanted two double boxes. She loves harvesting …

Side yard/townie yard -> narrow but lovely path, raised planter beds pulled a little away from the house, with some exposed dirt underneath for more greens. #stopmakingexcuses #pintowin #blackanddecker

side yard: gravel to garden.

Well, I’ve held out on you long enough – it’s time to share a little spring project we did in our side yard! Um, actually, more like a complete overhaul. Some planning and elbow g…

Like the look of these over typical trellis for vertical growing #stopmakingexcuses #pintowin #blackanddecker

Like the look of these over typical trellis for vertical growing

The Homestead Survival: Beautiful Raised Herb Garden & What To Grow #stopmakingexcuses #pintowin #blackanddecker

Container Gardening

Fun and funky ideas for container gardening

Top Ten Rules: #1 Start small. If you're beginning your first garden, help yourself avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed with weeding and general maintenance. You can grow a surprising amount of food in a bed that's 10 to 12 square feet. This beautiful raised bed of lettuces was posted by RMSer sunangel106. #stopmakingexcuses #pintowin #blackanddecker

Top 10 Rules for Growing a Kitchen Garden

Get HGTV Gardens top 10 tips for successfully growing fruits and vegetables in your garden.

Intensive Vegetable Gardening In Small Spaces, rain gutters hung as lettuce planters #stopmakingexcuses #pintowin #blackanddecker

Rain Gutter Garden | Make:

Grow Food, Not Lawns posted this image of an ingenious garden made from rain gutters, which are arranged to let water drain down from the top.

When someone truly cares about you they make an effort, not an excuse!  #stopmakingexcuses #pintowin #blackanddecker

Couples Camping Trip (Original Creepypasta)

This is is a creepypasta inspired by the classic urban legends and horror stories of old. Also, there are a couple parts that came to me in a dream. I guess ...

Pallet Gardening:  Pallets can be recycled and used in a whole new way. Simply find a place to put a pallet and fill it with potting soil. Use the wood openings to plant in. You can grow your salad greens in a small amount of space, and it is a good way to recycle old pallets. #stopmakingexcuses #pintowin #blackanddecker

Intensive Vegetable Gardening In Small Spaces - Personal Liberty®

Are you interested in gardening, but you have limited space? Don't despair; get creative. With imagination and determination, you can find ways to grow vegetables even in the smallest of spaces.

It's time. #stopmakingexcuses #pintowin #blackanddecker

15 Inspirational Quotes To Get You Through The Week

It's time. #stopmakingexcuses #pintowin #blackanddecker

Highly productive vegetable garden in limited space. (raised garden beds along side of garage.) #stopmakingexcuses #pintowin #blackanddecker

theme thursday :: this years garden ideas!

although it is actually snowing outside as i type this, i have been busy on pinterest looking for ideas on how to improve our garden. we have a decent sized backyard, but it is quite shaded. this is good for the kids, as they can play and not have to be in the direct hit […]

Vertical veg garden seen at Malvern Show. Such a clever idea! #stopmakingexcuses #pintowin #blackanddecker

DIY Gutter Garden

"Mommy, when can we start a garden?" "Now?" "Is it time yet?" "Now?" "Are we ready yet?" My five-year old has been asking for a garden since last year, so I thought it was time to dig in. But there really wasn't anywhere to dig in our yard. No worries. If you are looking to start a garden with limited space, just start one on a wall or fence. We had great light on the fence, but you can build a gutter garden on a wall, in a stand, or actually hang them from a ceiling with rope. If…

very cool idea #stopmakingexcuses #pintowin #blackanddecker

15 Ways to Use Ornamental Grasses in Your Landscape

Whether you use them as screens, accents, or focal points, let ornamental grasses play a role in your garden or landscape.

Get Started Growing: 5 Easy Small Vegetable Garden Ideas To Try #stopmakingexcuses #pintowin #blackanddecker

Get Started Growing: 5 Easy Small Vegetable Garden Ideas To Try

If you’re thinking about starting a small vegetable garden but feel like a total newbie, here are some simple ideas to get you moving towards growing some vegetables on a small and manageable scale! 1) Go Vertical: Going vertical saves on space and is visually pleasing to the eye.