Xiumin & Luhan♡ is it me or it seems like luhan's presence relax xiumin?

Fake dino :))

lochness monster The secret is out. elephant with lochness on trunk swimming underwater

im proud of it

A reminder that everything is about God! islamic yesss all muslims plz dooo thisss . this is going to be my new goal this ramadhan in sha allah i will do this

If you look at the wet koala, its looks like so DANGER !!!

"Koala in snow? Koala in water? Kill it! Kill it with fire! The top one is actually a drawing and the bottom one is photoshopped, but "kill it with fire" still doesn't cease to make me laugh.

Duck cup

Donald duck - very time consuming. If you want characters on top of the cupcakes, I would recommend only doing 6 that way.

#black #white #bear #animal #mamals

Again, not a polar bear but a rare and wonderful photo of a spirit bear and a black bear!


Distance never separates two hearts that really care. That includes long distance - and time.

creative_style_4u's photo

What a creative idea! This owl is all green fruit and vegetables. Some folks get so creative with these kind of things it's amazing. Making animals from food. This was beautifully put together. and