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a plate with rice, beans and broccoli on it that has a spoon in it
Instant Pot Mujadara (Rice and Lentils)
Instant Pot Mujadara Lentils and Rice - a humble, hearty, protein packed side or vegetarian main, made with lentils, rice and veggies. Cooked to perfection - no mushy lentils or rice. Imagine the goodness of grains, legumes and veggies in one bowl, garnish it with caramelized onions and parsley and serve with salad or yogurt. It's super yum!!! Vegan. Gluten-Free. Plant-based. #mujadara #lentilsandrice #instantpotmujadara #instantpotlentilsandrice #mujadararecipe #lentilsandricerecipe #instantpot
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a white bowl filled with food on top of a blue table next to two glasses
Chicken Korma Coconut Milk Recipe with Variations - My Natural Family
This chicken korma coconut milk recipe is my favorite Indian dish. I've made it hundreds of times. {Paleo, Clean Eating, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Whole30} #mynaturalfamily #paleo #paleorecipes #healthyeating #healthyrecipes #healthyfood #cleaneatingrecipes #cleaneating #eatclean #justeatrealfood #glutenfree #glutenfreerecipes #glutenfreedaddy #lowcarb #keto #ketorecipes #whole30 #whole30recipes
double chocolate banana cake on a table with bananas
Double Chocolate Banana Cake
Double Chocolate Banana Cake. This lightened up chocolate cake has no oil, uses bananas and applesauce to keep it moist, and has just the right amount of chocolate to make it feel like an indulgent treat. No frosting required! http://www.superhealthykids.com/double-chocolate-banana-cake/
chocolate fudge brownies stacked on top of each other with a fork in the middle
Chocolate Gluten-Free Chickpea Brownies Recipe - My Natural Family
These gluten-free flourless brownies are a rich, dense, and decadent chocolate treat. But I love that they are made from chickpeas and cashews, so they are full of fiber, healthy fats and protein! {Dairy-Free, Clean Eating}
the words flouries chocolate cake / cupcakes black beans i the vibrant family
Flourless Chocolate Cake/cupcakes (black beans)
Flourless Chocolate Cake/cupcakes (black beans) | The Vibrant Family
chocolate ice cream is being served in bowls
Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream
a pan filled with ravioli covered in cheese and spinach leaves next to a fork
Creamy Tuscan Garlic Chicken - The Recipe Critic
Creamy Tuscan Garlic Chicken- used coconut milk and nutritional yeast to make it dairy free and it's really good!
a white plate topped with pasta covered in gravy and lemon zest sauce
The Best Vegan Garlic Alfredo Sauce
One of most people's indulgent comfort foods is alfredo sauce. I admit, I used to love it too, but I didn't love how after just a few bites, I felt sick. There is such a thing as foods being too rich. Feeling nauseated and in a nasty food coma for hours after eating something isn't really worth it to me.
a jar of coconut oil next to a container of cereal
Coconut Oil Muddy Buddies - Golden Barrel
Coconut Oil Muddy Buddies are so easy, quick and make the perfect snack. Crunchy, sweet, full of chocolate and peanut butter and irresistible.
a white bowl filled with chocolate pudding and a strawberry on the top, surrounded by chocolate chips
Amanah77 Maxwin: Menang Berapapun Kami Bayar Lunas ! 2023 #1
This Chocolate Brownie Batter Hummus is the perfect healthy chocolate treat! It requires just 5 everyday ingredients and can be made in 10 minutes.
a pan filled with chicken and broccoli on top of a wooden table next to a
Greek Chicken Lemonato
My Greek Chicken Lemonato recipe is a yummy and easy one-dish meal. My kids loved it on the first try and went back for seconds!
a white plate topped with pasta covered in mushrooms and green onions next to a fork
Gluten Free Beef Stroganoff.
gluten free beef stroganoff
korean ground beef and rice in a skillet with chopsticks on the side
Korean Ground Beef and Rice Bowls
Korean Ground Beef -- made this tonight and it was delicious! Next time I need to double the recipe because we ate it all with spaghetti squash tonight
a chocolate frosted cupcake sitting on top of a plate next to a fork
Amazing Milk Chocolate Vegan Frosting Recipe (Dairy-Free)
Mylk Chocolate Vegan Frosting - foolproof dreamy, dairy-free recipes!
the words cashew sour cream - oh she glows in white on a green background
Cashew Sour Cream – Oh She Glows
Cashew Sour Cream – Oh She Glows