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They feeling when the whole group is just a bunch of visuals *Heavily breathing* *instant death*

EXO Wallpaper

I chose this image because I like how they chose to write Korean names and chose one letter to translate into a Korean character. This is a unique typeface and I think this would be cool to do in the future.

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His hair does this, and then I'm like every other normal girl, I guess. but can you forgive me if I have been missing you? My heart is a whore.


su-lay: “ happy new year ” << they look like they should be on the cover of the book ' Beautiful Creatures '

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EXO 'Wolf' promotion numbers ~ Kai (my ultimate bias) number is my favorite number.what a coincidence!


EXO's FIRST WIN with KOKOBOP! @ Show Champion and today they won again for the time at MNET. Let's go for the and win until to the very last win we can get.

#wattpad #fanfic Los hermanos Kim JongDae, JongIn y JunMyeon, son los herederos del imperio Kim's Royal Casino, el negocio de la familia hace décadas. Tienen casinos por todo el mundo y su fortuna rebalsa los límites jamás imaginados. Cada uno junto con su mano derecha y amigo de toda la vida, Oh SeHun, tienen la m...

Kim's Royal Casino 🎰 (KaiSoo/HunHan/ChenMin/Fanfic) - Apostando al Futuro

Sehun - 160227 Exoplanet - The EXO’luXion in JakartaCredit: