Indonesian Textiles

There are so many kind of textiles in Indonesia, especially the traditional ones. The fashion mode may always develops and be more modern, but the heritage of textiles still stay and even make it more beautiful. In Indonesia we will find some kind of textiles. From how it made we have batik, batik tulis, batik cap, tenun, tenun ikat, sasirangan, etc. And from the pattern we have so many pattern. The pattern inspired from where the resident was lived. We can find the fishy pattern in the seashm
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Dress batik lawasan - simple but also cute and elegant
or maybe a style like this would be better?
Songket - Tenun - Batik - Indonesia
Modern way to wear batik. keren gelangnya
Batik indonesia
Ladies Women's striking Batik Green Blue Floral Tulip Pleated Skirt - by Mendel on madeit
Simple n elegant
Batik Indonesia
Dries van Noten batik design
Tea dress batik biantjoe