Mother of the bride or mother of the groom? Love this dress, but probably can't afford it!

Mother of the bride or mother of the groom Beautiful cut, great lace detail and flattering sleeves - this could make any mother feel beautiful without taking the shine away from the Bride

WOMEN'S FASHION : NIQAB ,‫نِقاب‬‎‎ , ABAYA , ‫عباية‬‎‎ ,عباءةʿ عبايات , ABA , HIJAB , ‫حجاب‬‎‎More Pins Like This At FOSTERGINGER

Perfect for business professional wear, I don't have anything quite like this and it has a very sleek black and white look

LE3NO Womens Open Front Draped Long Sleeve Blazer Jacket

Sharpen your wardrobe with this open front draped long sleeve blazer jacket. A softly draped open-front silhouette softens the look while the asymmetrical hem adds a modern touch to this blazer.