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This is an awesome crown!

Headdress/ hat by Organic Armor, based on Akasha from Queen of the Damned- this hat is really beautiful, it looks like a crown for a queen,

Evil FX Designs Incredibly Realistic Halo 4 Didact Costume

David Carpenter’s Didact costume complete down to the smallest detail If you’ve ever been to a comic, sci-fi or anime convention you’ve probably seen atten

BOTFA concept art

Armor and weapon styles of the Grey Elf army, previously the force used by the Matriarch to assist Dolsiel against the Darkness. No one has seen recently forged gear like this since Pildenar split from Errieat.

Helmet of Emperor Charles V, c.1540, Patrimonio Nacional, Real Armería, Madrid, Spain

Ceremonial Helmet of Emperor Charles V. This helmet was crafted by Desiderius Helmschmid and is now in the collections of the Patrimonio Nacional, Real Armería, Madrid.

Gorgeous elvish helm.

Elf Helm -- This is especially awesome as I've been looking at Alan Lee's original concept art and seeing it in a physical form is very interesting :)