Multi-Colored Hair ✨

Arctic Fox // Vegan and Cruelty Free Hair Color ❤️ Color Melts, Split dyes, Ombres and everything in between! #arcticfoxhaircolor #colorfulhair #brighthair #vividhairdye #hairideas #hairgoals #arcticfoxhairdye
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It's giving summer sunset! 🌇😍❤️‍🔥
@dreamhair_salonfryzjerski used Sunset Orange, Virgin Pink, and Electric Paradise
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Orange Color Melt
@created_by_el used Poison, Sunset Orange, and Cosmic Sunshine
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Red and Black Color Melt
@everlong_hair used Poison and Transylvania
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Colorful Hair | 2024 Hair Trends
@psyhair_studio used Transylvania, Aquamarine, and Space Cowgirl
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Choose your character
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Hair Dye Mixes
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Which mix?
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😱Spectacular, give me 14 of 'em right now 🌈
😱Spectacular, give me 14 of them right now 🤧🌈 Frosé, Cosmic Sunshine, Sunset Orange, Poseidon, Emerald Fortune, Purple AF and lots of Poison for the red creates this breathtaking look! 😍 @evelina.forsell
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Sunset Hair 😱
@created_by_el used Poison, Sunset Orange, and Cosmic Sunshine
🤯 This pastel pinwheel never gets old!
🤯 This blue/green pastel pinwheel on @makabirdd is EVERYTHING 🩵💚 buuut this matching mani really sealed the deal for us! 😩💅 Grab Pistachio Macaron and Cotton Candy Dreams, along with your Foxology polishes and get colorful, Fox! 🌈
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Summer sunset vibes 🌅💖🥰
Summer sunset vibes 🌅💖🥰 @jvphair_st.helens used Virgin Pink & a drop of Wrath into Sunset Orange for this stunning look!
Did someone say COLOR MELT ??
Virgin Pink to Space Cowgirl ... STUNNING!
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This Color Melt 😩🙌
This one took our breath AWAY 😩🙌 @theeglamnaija in diluted Sunset Orange and Poison 🧡✨ #AFsunsetorange #AFpoison #AFarcticmist
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Ocean Inspired Hair Color| Summer Hair Ideas
@shanesheds used Poseidon, Aquamarine, and Purple AF to create this ocean inspired look 💙🌊💜🧜‍♀️
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Orange + Yellow Hair |Arctic Fox Hair Color
@taylamiddletonn is serving looks and turning heads in Sunset Orange and Cosmic Sunshine 😍💛🔥