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Bladder Shu PANGGUANGSHU - Acupuncture Points] cun lateral to the posterior midline, on the level of the second sacral foramen.

Everything is in The Palm of Your Hand – Press These Points for What it Hurts - ROAD TO FUTURE

Accupressure Hand Points: Press the thumb point on the appropriate area of your hand for 5 seconds. Release the thumb for 3 seconds and repeat.

Reflexology by understanding the theory of ten invisible zones in the body…

Reflexology by understanding the theory of ten invisible zones in the body, location of various reflex points in hands, feet and other parts of the body and the technique of applying pressure on these

magnet motor + free energy SP500 + tim ventura railgun

it's a modification of the "perendev motor" but this one his made to be functionnal.

Motorcycle Carburetors | Float Height Setting |

Learn how a carburetor works, and the main parts and techniques involved in adjusting your motorcycle's fuel/air mixture.


Super Solar Twin Head Lamp Post with PIR Sensor and 6 High Power LEDs by Festive Lights. Durable Aluminium Frame with a Black Incredibly Bright White SMD LEDsIntegrated Solar Panel to Avoid Messy Wires (Can Be Converted to Mains Power!

make your own magnetic generator - absolutely free electricity

I had actually heard good things about the Smith’s Generator already, and when I arrived at the product delivery page, I realized why. Their techniques are valid and the ideas do work. I know this because I’ve been using some of them for years.