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Six Sweet Things You Can Automate With NFC and Your Android Phone

You know NFC. It's that feature on your phone that you insist is really cool and some day you'll totally find a use for it. Well, today is that day.

Meet Ubi, The Voice-Activated Computer That Plugs Into A Wall Outlet

Ubi - for the home - plugs directly into an outlet - minicomputer that listens for voice commands - you can control home appliances, send email and do Internet searches by simply talking.

Turn an Old Computer Into a Do-Anything Home Server with FreeNAS 8

You've heard the word "server" thrown around a lot, but usually in the context of web sites or big companies that have a lot of data to store. In reality, a server can be just as useful in your home. In this guide, we'll walk through how to create your ow

home automation products all under one app

The Revolv Smart Home Solution Wi-Fi Hub looks to simplify control for a wide variety of smart connected appliances. Using a home's existing Wi-Fi network and smart devices, the hub can control things from near and afar.

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