ardiansa setiawan

ardiansa setiawan

ardiansa setiawan
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Mondo Gallery & Acme Archives presents ‘SWxMM’, an art exhibition of 'Star Wars’ portraits by Mike Mitchell featuring some new and all of his previously released portrait prints.


Naruto challenge day 1 favorite naruto character: SHIKAMARU IS AWESOME he controls shadows he is so cool and he got revenge in two weeks beat that sasuke:


Gaara is more than a adorable Kazekage. I don't include myself as one of his fangirls, because I don't just love him because he's mysterious and all quite and dark and whatever. I love him because he displays real strength; the ability to start anew.


Jiraiya' una muerte q me hizo llorar, muy buen consejero y también sennin 😭😤