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Ardi Ardo
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Ardi Ardo
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Great quotes, nice source of quick yet meaningful inspiration! I also love how this uses only one font yet it's so interesting because of the different sizes, placing, boldness and orientation. Great layout and composition.

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A Journey of a thousand miles / Lao Tzo Quote / Typography by Jennifer Wick. I'm always fascinated on this kind of art that has creativity on a very inspirational word through simple graphics and typography. Travel and exploration will be my happy 2015 :)

The change of color in this sample of expressive type enhances the visual component and literal meaning of the word.

This project was done as a part of academic curriculum as assisted by Prof. Utpal Baruah at Indian Institute Of Technology Guwahati. This project mainly aims to enhance the concept of visual semantics through expressive typography. We were supposed to c…

Really like this concept in terms of the the interactive, movements and active direction- holding representations of fitness and being energetic, movements- holding a strong movement, flexible etc..

Quotes for Motivation and Inspiration QUOTATION - Image : As the quote says - Description Expect nothing appreciate everything. What a nice quote. Love the