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Baking Mom: Condensed Milk Cheese Cake

Ogura Cake Pandan Super soft moist recomended

Ogura Cake Pandan Super soft moist recomended

Lychee Ogura


Pandan Sponge cake

Pandan Spongecake Ingredients:- 6 eggs yolks – I used grade B eggs which is about 60g 70g corn oil 100g plain flour Pinch of salt 50g pandan juice 50g coconut milk 6 eggs whites 100g sugar Line the...

I’m sure many of you, especially those in Asia are familiar with Pandan Chiffon Cake, for its light, soft and airy texture. I had baked a Pandan Chiffon Cake before, but this time I’ve made some adjustments to the ingredients, using pandan juice extract from pandan (screwpine leaves) and make the cake in marbling form. …