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Smile you are a star.....

Many celebrities have veneers, but we’ll never be able to tell who! That is because veneers perfectly mask flaws such as cracks, stains, and chips. Get more facts on this infographic from a Chicago cosmetic dentist.

Dentaltown - After you brush do you finish cleaning your teeth with floss? Did…

Dentaltown - After you brush do you finish cleaning your teeth with floss? Did you know if you don’t floss you miss cleaning of your teeth?

How to #Brush in proper way !!!! #Oralcare #dentalhealth

Proper brushing technique can extend the life and look of your teeth and gums. We may think we are doing it right, but it never hurts to get a refresher. Check out this image about proper teeth brushing technique.

smile-for-life-with-dental-implants Interesting infographic. Says everything you should know about dental implants.

The healing time for bone graft surgery, sometimes needed for dental implants, is typically between 4 and 9 months. Find more facts about the dental implant process on this infographic from a dentist in South Florida.

Sonreir no solo es parte de un estado de ánimo, conoce algunos datos interesantes y sus beneficios.

The Power of Smiling - "Smiling — the purest expression of happiness — has the ability to regulate our blood pressure, strengthen our immune system, lower the risk of cancer, increase our life by seven years, and provide inner peace and satis

Show Off Your New Smile With Dental Implants [INFOGRAPHIC] #dental #implants

Dental implants serve a number of purposes. These devices can provide an anchor for fixed bridges where teeth are missing. Discover other dental implant functions by clicking over to this infographic from a dentist located in Greenwood.