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Such a dramatically beautiful picture of Tobi....

Such a dramatically beautiful picture of Tobi.People keep on telling me to call him Obito, but I had already guessed who he was when I first saw him. So if he is wearing the mask, he is Tobi. End of discussion.

Naruto FanArt: Ino, Magdalena Radziej on ArtStation at

Naruto fan Magdalena Radziej imagined what three of the most popular young ninja of the Village Hidden in the Leaves might look like if re-drawn in the cinematic style.

I wonder if Bolt have been taught harrm no jutsu by Konohamaru or his father

I love how in Naruto's picture with Kakashi, Kakashi is hugging Naruto like he's his son, because they were more than student/teacher. Kakashi treated Naruto like a son, and Naruto respected Kakashi like a father


Sasori (サソリ, Sasori), renown as Sasori of the Red Sand (赤砂のサソリ, Akasuna no…