Arief Adityawan S.

Arief Adityawan S.
Jakarta, Indonesia / visual memory
Arief Adityawan S.
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Roman Cieslewicz

By the end of the Socialist realism had been dumped in Polish art. The Graphic Arts Department at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts divided its areas of instruction into fine arts, visual communications, applied arts, and poster art.

Death to the Fascist Beast; Soviet Union propaganda.

WW II "Death to the Fascist Beast!" is the caption on this Soviet propaganda poster, dating from in which a Russian soldier bayonets a swastika-shaped serpent.

Lets ruthlessly beat and destroy the enemy!

Soviet propaganda poster from World War II, depicting a Red Army soldier aiming a bayonet at Hitler’s temple. The torn paper document is titled “The Agreement on non-Aggression between Germany and USSR”.