Ariel Krisnaputra

Ariel Krisnaputra

Ariel Krisnaputra
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knife template for those who need it ;)

Printable knife patterns (templates) for amateur knifemakers. Hunting knives, chef's knives, drop point and clip point etc.

pvc projects | PVC Medieval Crossbow [1] by ~cowscankill on deviantART

Here is a working crossbow I built with synthetic plastics. The idea was to make a crossbow that wouldn't need metal or wood parts. Only the trigger has two metal bolts in it. The weapon took a med.

Edible plants video: How to tell look-alike poison iris from cattails |If you can find cattails, every part of the plant is edible. But don’t mistake a toxic look-alike, the poison iris, for the edible plant. Here is how to tell the difference. | #foraging

Edible Plants Video - How To Tell Look-Alike Poison Iris From Cattails.If You Can Find Cattails, Every Part Of The Plant Is Edible. But Don't Mistaken A Toxic Look-Alike, The Poison Iris, For The Edible Plant. Here's How To Tell The Difference