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LEGO Flying Dutchman from The Pirates of The Carribbean

Lego Flying Dutchman

The notorious ghostship from Pirates of the caribbean (Dead Man's Chest and At World's End). Captained by the cursed Davy Jones. More pictures at Mocpages (a lot more, mocpages is the place to be ;) ) And for the interested; link to the WIP tread (at Eurobricks, classic Pirates) The ship weights about 4,2 kg and has a lenght of more than a meter (which makes her the biggest lego replica of Davy Jones' famous ghostship on the net). There are still some rough edges but I like it this way…

LEGO Kylo Ren built for Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere. Made from bricks over 260 hours, the model weighs in at 192 pounds and stands 70 inches tall.<<damn that must have taken days

LEGO builds life-size Kylo Ren for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' premiere

LEGO Kylo Ren built for Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere

LEGO - Tapis de course - Fitness Femme Figurine Homme Workout Gym Sport Ville - New Ideas

LEGO - Treadmill - Fitness Female Minifigure Male Workout Gym Sports City Town

100% Original LEGO Parts.

Lego model based on The Hungry City Chronicles by Philip Reeve

Pirate traction city - Salthook

After reading " Mortal Engines " by Phillip Reeve under the recomendation of so many after crawler town, I had to make an Offical traction city ! I know Salthook in the book wasn't a pirate city but I wanted to " Piratize " it cause I got some new treads from the bull dozer set ( and I wasn't sure how to do the big wheels of "Turnbridge Wheels" ) . Fully motorized and drivable with several playable functions.

i built the lego tank pictured above. it is an original design, and it is not similar to the many other lego tanks i have assembled.

The Childrens' Crusade

Young conscripts were ideal for tank crewing, as pubescents' junior volumes were wholly appropriate for the cramped, unaccommodating interiors of armored fighting machines. Thus, a solution was provided to the over-crowding of orphanages in the Kings' bomb-ravaged cities; dutiful young men and women "graduated" from the orphanage halls and were drafted into the ranks of the mechanized corps. One such figure was Dominik Krotshad, who by the age of fourteen had become an accomplished tank ace…


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Lego castle tower in the forest. I love the shape and design of it Pc Minecraft, Minecraft Creations, Minecraft Houses, Minecraft Medieval Castle, Lego Design, Lego Moc, Chateau Lego, Lego Burg, Lego Sculptures

The Tower

As you can see it's just a tower. I built it a few months fighting wearily. In the end I finished it. When mounting the exhibition in Rzeszow nice gentlemen from the museum smashed it into pieces. Somehow it rebuilt, but now it's just a copy. This is my tribute to three of my favorite towers: Col du Mont by Brody: The Tower in the Lonely Wood by JoJo: Tower of Brothers by Karwik…

Ion (from “Titanfall

Ion (from "Titanfall 2")

After the final parts arrived today, I stopped playing Titanfall 2 for a brief moment, to finish the third Titan: Ion Ion is probably my favourite Titan from Titanfall 2 in terms of looks. His proportions just work and he is more bulked up than Ronin or Northstar, while still looking agile. Reference Picture Because he is a bit sturdier than the others he can carry his special weapon, the "Splitter Rifle" I also really like his default color scheme, which is possible in LEGO-form thanks to…

Details about NEW LEGO BABY in CRIB w/Bottle minifigure figure nursery minifig garmadon kid – Baby Cribs – Baby Shop

Lego Bad Guy Tank also known as the bauhaus corporation grizzly :)

Miyazaki's Bad Guy no. 1

A commissioned model of Hayao Miyazaki's, Akuyaku (Bad Guy no. 1) tank.

LEGO pilot seat - or flight simulator for pilot training

Minifig Cockpit Idea

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43 Lego Medieval fantasy War Ideas – How to build it

When Themes Collide

"I knew I should have taken that last turn at albuquerque.."

A visual dictionary for LEGO® building techniques

Technic Pin Connector Round

A visual dictionary for LEGO® building techniques