Elton John at Dodger Stadium, 1975

elton john / dodger stadium, 1975 / photo by terry o'neill music moments

Wanita bali tempoe dulu,sumber:http://nayel.multiply.com/photos/album/103/Gadis_Bali_Tempo_Dulu#photo=order

A vintage photo of a Balinese woman, circa Balinese women traditionally went topless and wore their cloth, like men, at the waist until the new Indonesian government encouraged more modesty.

Senen, Jakarta Tempo Dulu

This area is now part of busy hustling and bustling in Jakarta. This is not really an old photo I guess it was taken around 1960 something

Glodok in1932, Jakarta

:: ( Djakarta Tempo Doeloe ) :: Old Pics of Jakarta!

Lampung's tradisional costume

Lampung - A couple from Lampung in traditional costume during colonial period. Amazing see this couple married, composed of young teen girl with an old man !

A male balinese tiger killed in the early 1900s

The Bali tiger ( Panthera tigris balica ), harimau Bali in Indonesian, or referred to as samong in archaic Balinese language, [ 2 ].

Timnas Indonesia yang berlaga di piala dunia tahun 1930

First Asian team to join the World Championship: the Dutch East Indian team in Flew out of the tournament after their first match.