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Fun fact: In the Itachi Shinden novel, it was shown that a Hyūga descendant of a more diluted bloodline may end up only awakening the Byakugan dōjutsu in a single eye. Art by: にぴえ

"My dad died...along with my mom, trying to protect Konoha...trying to protect me! It only lasted a moment. But in that moment, they gave me something. They gave me the belief that I am capable of lots and lots of things! And they entrusted me to be the savior of the world!" #naruto

"My dad died.along with my mom, trying to protect Konoha. It only lasted a moment.

Baby Naruto. I swear if you didn't cry during this part, you have no damn soul.  Just started a Tumblr because I'm super late in the game lol. Follow me for more Fandom stuff @syaelc

*sniffle* if u've read Naruto know T_T The things Parents do for their child used my artistic license is added a few things here and there lol enjoy

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I'm glad itachi is watching over sasuke I was so sad when he died and equally sad when sasuke found out the truth about itachi AFTER killing him. Aw my heart.

Decendents of one another

Decendents of one another and honestly sakura is my favorite charector and all the other strong women be for her and Lady Tsunade and I hope to be strong to when I am grown up but not buff I'll be like sakura I hope

Sasuke poking sakura in the forehead the same way itachi use to do to him. I wonder why sasuke used that specific gesture towards sakura.

Naruto - Sasuke poking Sakura in the forehead the same way itachi use to do to him. Show's that Sasuke already started to or already thinks of Sakura as a person close to his heart like Itachi was.