Ario Satrio N

Ario Satrio N

Ario Satrio N
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STORM Racing Drone (RTF / NR-8)

The miniature version of the popular Ready to Fly Storm with Controller (LibrePilot software) Meet the smart little brother of the beautiful the Storm mini FPV racer! This compact m

RP 2015 WIT - Student Project on Behance

Interdisciplinary project combining Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering students from Wentworth Institute of Technology. The brief was to design and build a working/flying prototype utilizing a number of specified RP techniques.

this could help me out in my book to explain how people are seeing the future of technology and how beneficial it can be in our lives.

This would be a dream come true. I still remember the very first interactive desk I saw back in Even scribbles on the table will be interactive and editable! Just gotta make it affordable. iDesk, High Tech Bureau for Apple products.

Swedish Super Helmet Helps Firefighters See Through Smoke ... see more at

Developed to aid the brave men and women of our fire department, the C-Thru Smoke Diving Helmet harnesses a vast array of technologies to help aid rescuers when combating a blaze -- including augmented reality, noise cancellation, improved

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