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a man and woman are looking up at the sky with an old song in front of them
the words i see a certain life for myself and i won't stop until i get it
Love. Light. Lovely smiles.
an open book with the words everything in time written on it
a piece of paper with writing on it that says if we don't tell people how we feel how will they know
Love this
a piece of paper with writing on it that says more than she was known for her accomplishment
a drawing of a cat sleeping with its head on the back of it's tail
the words are written in black ink on white paper
the word'the sound of rain'written in black ink on a white paper
50 Inspiring Aesthetic Quotes That Hit Home | Inspirationfeed
an old typewriter with the words if i had a flower for every time i thought of you, i could walk in my garden forever
100 Best Romantic Quotes To Share With Your Girlfriend
a woman holding up a note that says rare beauty
Selena Gomez