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Why You Can't Get Any Work Done, in One Simple Flowchart...Discover the motive behind your procrastination

Procrastination: Are you a daredevil, self-saboteur, ostrich, chicken, or perfectionist? Learn exactly what kind of procrastinator you are – and strategies for getting out of your own way!

A cor pode influenciar as nossas percepções e a forma como vemos o mundo. O estudo dos efeitos da cor no comportamento das pessoas é chamado de Psicologia das Cores. Já falamos sobre isso aqui, aqui e aqui. Por isso, é importante escolher as co...

Food infographic How to Decide What Colour Scheme to Use on Your Website. Infographic Description How to Decide What Colour Scheme to Use on Your Website

Infographic on digital marketing and what the job is like — but including some background on what it's like to do digital marketing as a blogger, too!

A day in the life of a Digital Marketer infographic: A Digital Marketer engage in a lot of digital marketing activities to attain his or her objectives.

Impossible Sea #photomanipulation #retouching #photography

A nice use and manipulation of an M.C Escher. Taking the impossible triangle and turning into an impossible sea. The lighthouse adds just the right amount of balance and complexity thus making a very successful piece.

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