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How Corporate Logos Evolve - How many of these earlier versions do you guys remember?

How Corporate Logos Evolve infographic. This shows how recognizable logos have evolved over time. Logos like Shell and BMW have remained pretty much the same. Brands like Xerox, Pepsi, and IBM have modernized their corporate logos.

FREE! PipBoy 3000 v8.2 theme for the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8200 series

PipBoy 3000 theme for the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8200 series

customer benefit

A diagram explaining the different levels of customer benefit in relation to Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs

level of needs

think before act hmm

Design Thinking With Persona.

Design Thinking With Persona…

Project management

Scopidea is complete Project management software for collaborated and distributed team.Online Project Management Software that get your work done in one place