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Lower Back Workout. Tons of superhero workouts too! Who wants to be Super Hero?

Asana of the Week: Revolved Triangle (Parivrtta Trikonasana) | Imgur:

Asana of the Week: Bound Warrior (aka humble warrior, aka bowing warrior, aka peaceful warrior) - Imgur

Asana of the Week (2 of 2): Boat - Imgur

Asana of the Week: Staff - Imgur

Asana of the Week: Dolphin Pose - Imgur. I have a strong dislike for this pose but I know it's a great one for building shoulder strength and is great for forearm stand so I will practice

imgur: the simple image sharer

Asana of the Week (1 of 2): Plank Pose - Imgur

Yoga poses for absolute beginners... and see how much they manage to say about this asana? "Play Dead" pose...

Beyond Mars- Bow pose