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Rustic Influence

Make your own bedroom headboard and use these headboard photos for inspiration. Create a bedroom headboard using an old door, windows, or wallpaper. Here are some ideas for easy, DIY headboards you can make for your bed.

Chic Screen

Painted fireplace screen hung on wall as a headboard. Totally doing this! I have a sleepnumber bed and it's been hard to find a headboard I like. I HATE just standing a headboard behind the bed and not attaching it. This is perfect!

Frame It

Picture frame headboard made with old frames. Remove the glass, get fabric and batting to cover frame backing, pull taut, fasten with duct tape, put back into frame. Hang enough to go width of bed.

Modern & Fun

Cheap & Chic DIY Headboard Ideas: Modern Upcycling - give old closet doors a new purpose! Two closet doors mounted as a headboard create a sleek focal point. Plus, the extra-tall headboard gives the room a sense of height.

Framed Fabric Headboard

Create a framed headboard from a graphic print. Stretch fabric over heavy cardboard or foam-core board and secure on the back. Insert the panels into two inexpensive poster frames spray-painted a coordinating color. You could also use several picture fram