one day i'waana be at Kaaba, Mecca.

Kaaba, Mecca, Arabi Saudia Un jour Inch'allah (Si Dieu le veux)

Mecca, Saudi Arabia, supposedly founded by Abraham´s son Ismail, birth place of prophet Mohammed + holiest city in Islam. astrogeographic position: for fl2 located in the combination of relaxes, spiritual water sign Pisces sign of temples, mystification, the spiritual plane, dream world, illusions, corruption,art + music. 2nd coordinate in spisirual air sign Aquarius sign of the sky, heaven, self finding, spiritual quest, revolution, abstraction.

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بيت اللة الحرام -أقدس بقاع الارض

The demand of this apartment can be developed in high speed for increasing their capacity to buy this apartment. Along with you can enjoy the garden and blooming flowers.

the kaaba in saudi arabia

This is a hotel in Mecca Saudi Arabia for Muslims on the obligatory pilgrimage next to one of the worlds largest Mosques. To put in perspective, the clock tower in the middle is about twice as tall as the Chrysler Building.