Arlene Guerrero-Bagalay

Arlene Guerrero-Bagalay

Arlene Guerrero-Bagalay
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Inquiry Math

What Makes an Asymptote? Guided Inquiry Lesson for Rational Functions - Math Giraffe

Calculus Little Book of Rules (Great mini book for AP Calculus)

Calculus Mini Book Do your calculus students drive you nuts because they forget basic rules that they really need to have memorized? So I created this little book of calculus rules. This book of rules is great for first semester calculus.

Writing and Solving Systems of Linear Equations (Algebra 1 Foldable)

This foldable provides students with 4 examples for writing and solving systems of linear equations from a word problem. Two of the questions are set up to be solved using elimination and two for substitution.