Around Bali

Around Bali
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Padangbai Bali #baliaround

Padangbai is known as a stopover point for visitors who want to journey to Lombok and beyond.

Barong & Rangda - Bali Two Opposites Symbols

The Barong and Rangda have always been two sacred symbols among the Balinese Hindus, dances that are performed in consecration.

Colorful Creation of Bali Painting

Colorful Creation of Bali Painting

Bali Island of Spas

The Four Fountains Spa. The Four Fountains Spa is India's largest chain of affordable health spas, conveniently located in neighbourhoods and designed to take you far away from the hustle-bustle of city-life.

Beloved Bali

― White Gingerさん( 「Selamat Hari Raya Nyepi 🙏 Happy Silence Day to all our friends in Bali . "The quieter you are…」

Canang Sari - Daily Balinese Hindus Offerings #baliaround

Sacred Balinese Offerings Workshop in Ubud around Ubud

Barong Landung : Balinese Legend #baliaround

Barong Landung While women

Memukur Balinese Last Rite of Passage #baliaround

Memukur: Balinese Last Rite of Passage

Chinese Coins in Balinese Life

China is one of the earliest countries to use currencies in the world. The currencies used in ancient China were usually metallic coins. These currencies. have become the gem of ancient Chinese civilization.

Leak - Balinese Magic Mystics #baliaround

Leak Bali, in particular leak that blck magic is a science that could transform themselves into other forms

Balinese Goddess of Rice and Prosperity #baliaround

The Balinese worship Dewi ('goddess') Sri as the goddess of rice and prosperity. They even devote special places of worship for her and dedicate a special day

Balinese Wedding Tradition #baliaround

Balinese Wedding Tradition #baliaround

coconut: a tree for all-purposes in balinese live #baliaround

Coconut : A Tree for All Purposes in Balinese Live