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Chibi America and England, Hetalia Fan Art

Chibi America and England, Hetalia Fan Art - Oh wow.Alfred, I get that you're frustrated, but that's not going to wake him up, I'm afraid.

APH Mafia - the Asia Family by on @deviantART - This is an interesting spin-off/what-if idea, even if the Mafia and its activities is not really my thing. Click the pin to read a thorough description as to each character's role within the group.

APH Asia Mafia Hong Kong - The Assassin South Korea - The Messenger Taiwan - The Spy China - The Boss Japan - The Right-Hand Man Thailand - The Bodyguard North Korea - The Hit Man Vietnam - The Deliverer

Prussia: "Germany, you WILL wear these ear muffs!" Me: "awwww wittle Germany needs earmuffs?" Germany: "NO!" Prussia: "YES!"

Hetalia_Germany and Prussia. Prussia is such a good big brother ^^ <--- Earmuff sneak-attack looks like it would make for good target practice, too, on a side note.