ajenk arumitha

ajenk arumitha

Jakarta - Bandung
ajenk arumitha
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I was commissioned by a Nightclub in Limerick City, Ireland, to create a series of 8 illustrations to promote a new club night called Secret Society. Once the night kicks off I& upload the final posters including the typographic layout.


I like the title, "Bike Ride" is evident in the visual aspects, there is even a neon trail going up and over the hills. The sun's opacity was brought down so you could see the clouds going behind it. That was a cool detail to add just as a random thing.


Do you love great MAGAZINE COVER and always wanted to time your Own MODELING? In this post I'll explain how you can realize the very EASY to 5 steps. I wish you lots of fun imitating! Graphic Design editorial Magazines Cover Hermione on walk

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Theme: ArcadeThe only games I played growing up was Snake and Tetris. For the greater half of my free time, I obsessively played Tetris Battle. It's oddly therapeutic and relaxing.