The Prophet ﷺ said: 'The Dua of a person for his Muslim brother in his absence will be answered. At his head there is an angel, and every time he prays for him for something good, the angel who has been appointed to be with him, says: 'Ameen, may you have likewise.' [Saheeh Muslim and Sunan Ibn Majah] #IOU #BilalPhilips #islamicOnlineUniversity #prayer #hadith #muslim #Hadith

Hope and pray you are happy, at peace, relaxed and enjoying the blessings of almighty Lord. Keep saying Alhamdulillah

Can't be a nurse due to her hijab, so she became a doctor!

sister-fathima: “ “They didn’t allow me to become a nurse because of my hijab. Thank you, I became a doctor instead ”

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A Servant of Allah

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Tenues traditionnelles algérienne

She has stunning eyes. Plus a lovely white hijab for a Muslim wedding.