Satay - marinated meat (Chicken, Beef, Mutton or Pork) on a stick. served with sliced onions and cucumber and Ketupat which is mashed rice steamed in woven Coconut leaves. Served with a yummy, special peanut sauce! from indonesia

Homemade Mi Goreng... Yum! Ramen noodles kicked up a notch with Indonesian flavors. It doesn't get any easier than this.

This recipe is a little ironic, isn’t it? Normally, instant ramen tries to emulate home-cooked dishes but in this instance, I’m trying to emulate my favourite brand of ramen noodles – Indomie Mi Goreng, which delightfully to have earned a pretty good rank

Indonesian Rice Pancakes

Serabi (indonesian rice pancakes) for the pancakes: 125 gr rice flour 30 gr plain flour tsp salt 150 ml coconut milk, boiling 1 tsp baking powder vanilla and/or pandan extract (optional)

Tahu Berontak - #AnekaCamilan #Indonesia

What to eat in Indonesia? Best indonesian food list - Food you should try

Balinese Chicken (Ayam Pelalah). #chicken #recipe

Balinese Chicken (Ayam Pelalah)

Balinese Chicken (Ayam Pelalah) - Balinese food is spicy and calls for numerous spices in the preparation process, but it's well worth it!