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people are walking through an open market with lots of colorful items hanging from the ceiling
shops and lanes in the old city, Jerusalem but watch out for pickpockets LOL I was done over in 98
an outdoor cafe with potted plants on the outside
Antwerp cafe
Antwerp Cafe, Paris love the way the table cloth is tied.
an image of a store window display with deer statues
Obscura, New York shop For some people, Vintage means obscure / unique / hard to find objects Repinned by
a room filled with lots of different types of items on shelves next to each other
Xi'an tea shop on Shu Yuan Men (Art Street), Xi'an, China
tea shop - china. I love tea shops!..I drink many types of tea!
a purple store front with two chairs and a table outside
Very Small Restaurant in Montmartre
Vegetarian restauraunt, Montmartre Include the local shops, homes, apartments and architecture, try to get the local flavor. You don't always have to have someone you know smiling in front of the building, either.
an open door to a store with people shopping in the window and on the sidewalk
Butcher Shop
Italian Butcher Shop. See all the hanging cured hams, but especially the wild boar head on the right hand wall ! Very cool.
there are many colorful vases on display in front of the entrance to this building
Italy = I know this is Italy, but it reminds me of so many of the little shops I go to in Spain. OMG! it's all so fab!
a bakery filled with lots of different types of food
Le Blé
Le Blé | Buenos Aires
an old stone building with plants and birdcages
la boutique provençale
Little French shops tucked in stone walls ... it s a ... green philosophy
a store front with an open pink umbrella in the window and other items on display
Juffrouw Splinter
Charming shops of Amsterdam "Juffrouw Splinter" by cafe noHut, via Flickr