Aww love the colours

Aww love the colours

Aww love the colours

Aww love the colours

Beautiful scane heart

Rob + Janelle Alex of the Couples' Spot - Helping couples create deeper intimacy, direct their sexual energy and live the life of their dreams.


Cute heart shaped fruits will add a nice touch to kids birthday parties or snacks. Also the link has one week detox plan- what to eat to remove toxins, reboot your metabolism and cleanse your system! Great plan and extra healthy too!

Beautiful eye

Amazing eye pencil drawing, -- just pencil as a sample procedure can make a masterpiece one. This is the type of quality I hope to achieve and strive for.


Le tag più usate per questa immagine: cake, food, fruit, strawberry e kiwi


grief definition: The definition of grief is a feeling of great sadness, especially when caused by a loss or death, or grief can describe being the cause of trouble for someone. (noun) An example of grief is what you feel after your spouse dies.

My love

I love your blue eyes, I love the way you are always here whenever I need you. I love how Every morning I wake up happy knowing that your are still mine.

Ouhhh so sweet

rilakkuma plushies having tea it looks like rilakkuma and friends also

You wanna the try?

Fill your heart with love — literally! Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make a heart cutout on the top of a cupcake, and then fill it in with a little pink icing. Cupcakes are always sweet, but Glorious Treats' Valentine's Day cupcakes are divine.