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Sherlock/ Dr Strange irony

13 Things You Need to Know About the New Sherlock Season Pretty amusing. the two Sherlocks of our generation are actually Marvel superheroes xD<<

1968 Morris Mini Police Cooper S

1968 Morris Mini Police Cooper S - somehow I couldn't take the officers seriously if I'd be pulled over by one of those. However, the mini was and is a decent piece of machinery.

Morris Mini-Minor sideThe 1960 Morris Mini-Minor/Austin Seven matched the “bloody awful bubble cars’s” fuel economy by attaining 36.2mpg while offering far more interior space and two additional passenger seats. Further, Issigonis’s car was easy to drive, its suspension could handle even the most neglected roads, and offered more than enough power (34bhp, 44lb-ft) for a car of such diminutive size.

Find out how the beloved Mini Cooper, before earning its reputation as a Giant Killer, began life as a revolutionary marvel intended to drive bubble cars off the road.

Classic Minis

dreamhs: “ ungolde: “ fahdes: “ “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed. Fast Car* Car Design* Design Product* Car Paint* Beautiful Car* Vintage Look

Original Mini Cooper - Saw one of these at the coast. Fell in LOVE! Oh, all the cute little old cars are such death traps and I hate it! (Use to drive around with Rick Barham in his. Remember almost feeling the road under my feet!

These are only for driving off cliffs and playing car darts on Top Gear.

So, I am gearing up to help the Mum get a new dog mobile. I'm thinking she needs a Mini Cooper, so I took one out for a little test drive yesterday afternoon. What do you think of my choice? liTTLE heY?