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Evolution of the Batmobile: A Look Back

Evolution of the Batmobile -- I have always loved the original 66 for the fact that it would be the easiest to fix/replace. Throw a diesel in for even simpler operation. But that would not sell tickets.

Batman Beyond by jameszapata on deviantART

“Batman Beyond” by James Zapata aka jameszapata “Batman Beyond” by Mark Vick aka Ritorian “Batman Beyond” by Marco Garcia aka “Batman Beyond” by Guy Bourraine Jr aka tiguybou

D.C. Comics: Batman Beyond

Surrounded by Yvan Quinet Batman Beyond zBrush Sculpt by Adnan Ali Old Bruce Wayne by Rives "DeadSlug" Alexis Terry and Max . View "Bat to the Future: The Best Batman Beyond Fan Art" and more funny posts on Dorkly

INFOGRAPHIC: The Evolution of the Batsuit | Moviepilot: New Stories for Upcoming Movies

The Evolution of the Batsuit (Photo) What we have here is pretty damn cool. An impressive assemblage of all the iterations of the bat suit spanning Some I’ll admit I had no idea even.

20 designs alternatifs de Batman plus cools que l'original - alextzutzy

Batman is one of the most famous comic book characters of all time. To celebrate the comic book hero, several artists collaborated and reimagined what Batman would look like in unusual plots and time periods.

The Dark Knight Rises… So Does His Bats.    Do I still need an introduction on who this guy is? I’m afraid not! In a few minutes “The Dark Knight Rises” debuts here in the U.S and unfortunately I have no tickets and will have to wait until next week :(( LOL! I’ve seen millions and millions and millions of Batman or The Dark Knight fan art, even so I just had to join the bandwagon! This guy is too awesome not to be drawn Fresh Doodle style! I hope you enjoy this piece

The Dark Knight Rises… So Does His Bats by Fresh Doodle - JP Valderrama My heart goes out to all the individuals who were injured and lost their lives during the Colorado Massacre.