Frizcha AsfaummCantara

Frizcha AsfaummCantara

Frizcha AsfaummCantara
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The Moondance  Dream Catcher Dreamcatcher Boho by BohemianReveries

The Moondance - Dream Catcher, Dreamcatcher, Boho Dreamcatcher, Bohemian…

Sunflower Dream Catcher with Orange Faux Suede, a Yellow Crochet Doily, and Matching Feathers

6 x 22 dream catcher wrapped in orange faux suede with a yellow crocheted doily, sunflowers, and orange and yellow feathers.

Total beach shack vibes for all you lovers of an endless summer! This gorgeous wall hanging is made with a beautiful sea shell, collected on the beaches of the East Coast, at the center of a rattan hoop, adorned with chunky seaside style ropes!


A small batch of dream catchers are now available in my shop. Treat yo& Something peculiar happened the other night. I awoke in the wee hours of the morning to a .

Stone Dream Catcher, Amethyst Leather Necklace

Healing Crystals Dream Catcher Jewelry, Amethyst Leather Necklace with Raw Citrine Quartz Necklace, Sacral Chakra Stone Accessories for Native American