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Why Men And Women Think Differently

Why Men And Women Think Differently: This Guy Nails It - Seriously, For Real?Seriously, For Real? {Christian Marriage Comedian & Pastor Mark Gungor} {Video is funny Men vs Women's Brain}

they leave when they get busy with their new (or recycled) sources of supply...narcissism

People are so heartless. I can't believe I ever open myself up to someone that I never thought would hurt me so bad. Hope you are enjoying your life while you ruined mine. I will never be able to trust anyone again.

I'm a woman I'm not going to beg you to be a man

Men want women to be men; we are not men, even though we are much more complex then men.♡♡♡ Man Up!)I'm a woman I'm not going to beg you to be a man

Positive quotes about strength, and motivational

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I can’t unlove you

When I allow someone close enough to cross that magical threshold into my heart, whatever love I feel for them remains . even if at some point that person is no longer a part of my physical life experience. True, sincere, authentic love does not die.