Astrid Syachnaz

Astrid Syachnaz

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People always ask emotionally and physically abused women, ‘So why did you stay?’

happy turning 18 gungs! hope all the best for you....maybe this year we have a different relation? but trust me my feeling for you still same,still love you more and more everyday,gungs! yang sukses yahhh maaf ga bisa jadi org pertama kaya dulu lagi...maaf ga bisa kasih surprise lagi taun ini just belive in me, i really want but..sorry different situation right? selamat tambah tua! makin dewasa...cepet nemuin yg lbh baik dari aku yah....maaf blm bisa lupa.sayaaang kamu banget…

Love its not the best word for him,it's more than it, i dont know what the best word to describe how much i need him in my life,he's my bestfriend,my biggest lovers ever.

If can come back to the past..i promise i never let him go, bye.

Love you like forever