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Math Integer Rules with graphic organizer

Power Point teaching Integer Rules using a graphic orgainer. This power point includes practice problems at the end.

math thinking maps | Math / Algebra – Double Bubble Map: Expression vs. Equation

Great example of using the double bubble in a middle school mathematics classroom. I also love this as an alternative to crowded Venn Diagrams!

quadrilateral flow chart | Relation Between Quadrilaterals  kwizNET Math ...

Relation Between Quadrilaterals - Grade 7 - Mathematics - kwizNET Math/Science/English Homeschool/Afterschool/Tutoring Lessons/Worksheets/Quizzes/Trivia

I have made this thinking map on the SmartBoard. It can be purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers for only $1.00.

FREE-Customary Units Capacity Conversions-Thinking Maps are effective not only in Language Arts, but it also helps the student mentally make connections of different math concepts. Here ar.


Thinking Map tools correspond with eight fundamental thinking processes. by Thinking Maps Incorporated