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Math Integer Rules with graphic organizer

Power Point teaching Integer Rules using a graphic orgainer. This power point includes practice problems at the end.

math thinking maps | Math / Algebra – Double Bubble Map: Expression vs. Equation

Great example of using the double bubble in a middle school mathematics classroom. I also love this as an alternative to crowded Venn Diagrams!

Math Poster Set - Polygon Family Tree - Shapes Poster - preview 1

Lesson description: Some types are also included in the definition of other types! For example a square, rhombus and rectangle are also parallelograms.

quadrilateral flow chart | Relation Between Quadrilaterals  kwizNET Math ...

Relation Between Quadrilaterals - Grade 7 - Mathematics - kwizNET Math/Science/English Homeschool/Afterschool/Tutoring Lessons/Worksheets/Quizzes/Trivia

I have made this thinking map on the SmartBoard. It can be purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers for only $1.00.

FREE-Customary Units Capacity Conversions-Thinking Maps are effective not only in Language Arts, but it also helps the student mentally make connections of different math concepts.