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Characters trapped inside your smartphone-Hatsune Miku

anime trap phone wallpaper anime behind glass lock screen miku

IA Vocaloid! lock screen

Anime picture with vocaloid ia (vocaloid) dying (artist) long hair single tall image blue eyes looking at viewer blonde hair bare shoulders fringe standing ahoge braid (braids) pleated skirt collarbone twin braids against glass girl skirt

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Yukine (Noragami) -do not own-

#Anime girl #manga Also see #fantasy art at Thank you for viewing ♡

Name: Nicole, Age: Nicole loves flowers she plants alot her yard is filled…

I love the ground in this one. It is so calming and magical

Girl and a cat sharing a umbrella in the rain.

Day 11 of the 30 day challenge. My relationship status...well I'm single and it'll probably stay that way, don't date much and the right person hasn't found me yet

Cherry blossom school girl with colourful hair