Javanese Batik 20th C - detail

like pattern overall antiquey feel, too much "tea-stain" color in background

1stdibs | Cirebon Batik

A Batik sarong made of very finely woven cotton.The island of Cirebon has a large indigenous Chinese population and its batiks feature Chinese cloud designs. This example has eight colors and is meticulously executed.

Classification of Yogya Parang Batik Motif: 13. Parang Baris; 14. Parang Canthel ; 15. Parang Brintik; 16. Parang Bolodewo Seling Tanjung; 17. Parang Blanggreng Seling Curigo; 18. Parang Barong Sel Peksi Hoek; 19. Parang Barong Kembang; 20. Parang Barong Bintang Leider; 21. Parang baris latar cemeng; 22. Lereng Udan Riris Glebag; 23. Parang Barong Curigo Nogo; 24. Parang Blanggreng

Classification of Yogya Parang Batik Motif: Parang Baris;