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Asyifa Tussa'diyah
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Exo - D.O "My Kyungsoo is toooo cute

I sometimes wonder if having a board dedicated to 12 guys i never met is creepy, but then i think "i could be worse.

my oppas' winks *dies* | We Heart It

I love EXO showtime ep 1 where they all do the winks lol Kris took the gold with his 'excuse me' wink haha I love Baekhyuns wink too, so cute!

WHY STAN OH SEHUN (9/12) How Sehun judging the perfume scent (gif)

Exo - Sehun "He's smelling the perfume, and this was originally a GIF but I just screenshot it and when he smelled it, his face was disgusted by it. So girls, let the pro choose the perfect perfume for you.