Audrey Taurita

Audrey Taurita

Audrey Taurita
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Cubbit by Lighane

Who wants to get struck by the arrow of Cubbit? xD Perhaps I've got a little pun problem recently - but it's fun! I think there needs to be one more winged little critter. I wish y.

By Lighane's Artblog

As you guys seemed to be most interested in seeing some elves and fairies I just started with this Rainbow Elf girl A great occasion to play with all the beautiful colors Copic offers&nb.

When the jam is too real

When the jam is too real<<jimin wouldn't know that tho bc he has no jams OOOOOOOOOOOOjk ily jiminie

Awww Oppa i want to hug you. You deserved that Daesang so much

ji-min: “““ — We hope that our music and performances will become dreams and hopes for many people.” - Artist of the Year, BTS ” ”