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Wkorea Chanyeol❤️

Mary ♡ 21 ♡ Admin of fyeah-chanyeol ♡ I love EXO and making gifs♡ Chanyeol is my soft and smol husband ♡

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kai for ELLE

You guys know we don’t normally post K-Pop group members, we only post Actors/Actresses in our celebrity pictorials but…OH MY GOD. *swoons* These photos of Kai from EXO are amazing so w…

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Photocard Chen Power

Chen - 170906 ‘The War: The Power of Music’ album photocard Credit:

[P/wall] #EXO #TheWar #EXO_POWER #ThePowerofMusic

MAMA 2017 - Voted for EXO ! - Artistes of the Years , Best performance mal groupe , Song of the Years . - __ Go Voted ➡ __ (Im voted for BTS ! Sorryyy 😊🙏😍😍✔but Im Army 💉♥) __