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San Andeas Fault - SpoOoOoOky!
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San Andeas Fault - SpoOoOoOky!

San Andreas fault, Earth's biggest transform plate boundary.
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Aerial photo of San Andreas fault - Stock Image - E365/0023

Aerial photograph of the San Andreas fault as it crosses the Carrizo Plain some 450km (300 miles) south of San Francisco and 160km (100 miles) north of Los Angeles. The fault, which extends almost the full length of California and is responsible for major earthquakes, is the narrow, valley-like scar running from bottom right to top centre of the picture.

Can't have something on California without showing the San Andreas Fault!  It's the "biggie."  I've walked ON's a strange feeling too!!!
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Learn where earthquakes happen and how they're rated

Earthquakes are naturally destructive effects of our planet's constantly changing surface. Thousands of them happen every day.

CA. Recumbent fold along the San Andreas Fault, Hwy 14, near Palmdale. photo: Doug Sherman

(SG32) Recumbent fold along the San Andreas Fault near Palmdale, CA by Doug Sherman

San Andreas Fault map - the arrows show the relative motion of each of the plates as they slide past each other
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What’s Shakin’ with the San Andreas Fault?

Where the North American plate has moved over the Pacific rift zone is the most active earthquake zone in the continental United States…also known as the San Andreas fault.

Aerial shot shows the San Andreas Fault advancing southeast through the Carrizo Plain (north of Los Angeles). In the foreground, the block on the west side of the fault, right, has been raised up due to plate movement, damming the drainage of water running down from the hills to the east, left.   Photo: R.E. Wallace, USGS
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The San Andreas Fault super-imposed over the California landscape seen in a shuttle photo.<br />
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San Andreas Fault May Look Like a Propeller, Scientists Find

California's San Andreas Fault may not be a vertical fault, as previously thought, but instead shaped like a propeller, affecting scientists' understanding of how earthquakes along the fault shake out among surrounding communities.

CA. Severely deformed sedi-mentary rock layers exposed in a road-cut of the Antelope Valley Fwy (I-19) w/in the San Andreas fault zone near Palmdale; view is about 330' wide
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San Andres fault line <#earthquakes>
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The well known San Andreas Fault line runs right through Pinnacles National Park.
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San Andreas Fault in Palm Springs, California - We walked in the canyons formed by the fault line.
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My Sweet Hubby :-) Andreas Canyon, Ca.

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The trace of the northern San Andreas fault zone is clearly visible in this aerial photograph of the Crystal Springs Reservoir, which fills the linear valley along the fault zone. I drive past this every single day, and never knew what it was!
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San Andreas Fault | Crystal Springs Reservoir, CA | Aerial Photographs

An aerial photograph of the San Andreas Fault at the Crystal Springs Reservoir from the Aerial Archives library of aerial photographs.

Highway 14 in Southern California...San Andreas fault.
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Highway 14 in Southern California...San Andreas fault.

My favorite was Collier’s explanation of the formation of the Blackhawk Landslide in California, which occurred 17,000 years ago. “A flying carpet of rock ski jumped at a speed of up to 270 mph, moving 8 miles in 80 seconds” before landing at its current spot in the Mojave desert.
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