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Athaya Syarifa

Athaya Syarifa
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 Jewel Strawberry & Andean flamingo Annie I did for Yamio Annietine Event 2017    Annie blessings: 2 What kind: Jewel Strawberry & Andean flamingo Eye traits:&...

Jewel Strawberry & Andean flamingo Annie I did for Yamio Annietine Event 2017 Annie blessings: 2 What kind: Jewel Strawberry & Andean flamingo Eye traits:&.

Redraw of my Sleeping Beauty drawing~ I think it turned out alright! Before and After Redraw here: Please checkout the rest of my fairytale series,if you have not yet^^&nb...

Colored sketch chibi comm for They are such adorable characters, idk which one I enjoyed more ; I'm still testing how I want my sketch chibis to be~ The coloring should be m.

Stargazer + Speedpaint by Maruuki on DeviantArt

YCH Batch Ahhh i finally made it yey ; The very cuteh vampire belongs to Liliorl And the beatiful blue haired Katana belongs to Zereshi Im really thankfull that both are so patient with me Than.