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an old book cover with a bull's head and scissors on top of it
an image of a man with a mustache and moustache on it's face
Tadashi Nadamoto Illustration
there are two pictures on the wall and one has buttons attached to it with magnets
Fieldwork Facility helps to create the Museum of Us to bring a London community together
a table that has some pictures on it
News — Crafty Fox Market
A simple wooden craft fair display great to display colourful artwork or crafted items #artist #layout
several pieces of newspaper on display in a room with white walls and wooden posts around them
The President's Medals exhibition
President`s Medals Exhibition 2016
a group of white posters on display in a room with black and white flooring
Flavie + Paul, Kawabata Exhibition – House of Culture J …
Flavie + Paul, Kawabata Exhibition - House of Culture J ... - #culture #Exhibition #Flavie #house #Kawabata #paris #Paul
an art exhibit with multiple pieces of artwork on the wall and in front of it
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Ingmar Spiller #lzdt #exhibition #poster #ingmar #spiller #berlin
a sign that says find your seat next to a potted plant on a table
26 Elegant Wedding Calligraphy Ideas
6 Modern Signage Installations for a Contemporary Wedding #weddingsign #weddingescortcard
a group of people standing next to each other in front of a wall with posters on it
Huber/Sterzinger «Das isch Zwingli»
a room with plywood walls and yellow sticky notes on the wall next to it
BA Graphic Design show - Mindsparkle Mag
Exploring this year’s theme of questioning perceptions the visual identity of this year’s BA Graphic Design degree show at Central Saint Martins utilized GT Cinetype. The system explores diversity, in materiality and form, to an exciting and thought-provoking effect. Design by Hannah Nightingale, Jūratė Gačionytė, and Felix Steindl
a group of posters sitting on top of a wall next to each other in a room
Modular Display Frames - Mobile Studio Architects
The design and the execution worked out perfectly. I was extremely happy with the result; the colour scheme looked perfect in the room and the serpentine structure really filled out the hall. Dr Eleni Papargyriou, King’s College London Mobile Studio has developed a series of reusable modular exhibition display systems, firstly for Kings College and …
a pink display case in an empty room with posters on the wall and wood flooring
Exhibition design for De Nieuwe Smaak at Rijksmuseum Twenthe. By Koehorst in ’t Veld
people are standing in the middle of an open air space with signs on each side that say we make your space
Caporali Contract
SIA Guest - Salone Internazionale dell'Accoglienza Domus Market al Sia Guest con uno spazio dai toni eleganti, costruito con architetture minimali e leggere che celano un percorso espositivo di ispirazione museale. Una vera e propria galleria esperienziale per entrare nel mondo dell’artigianalità evoluta Domus Market, che fonde superfici, volumi e materia per la realizzazione di ambienti che rendono indimenticabile l’esperienza dell’ospitalità.