How to make steamed pumpkin muffins -

Even though the muffins are steamed, they produce soft and fluffy cake-like texture unlike the tradition Chinese prosperity cakes ("fatt gou/ huat kueh" ?

Lupis - Indonesian dessert

When I was a kid, there was an auntie in our neighborhood who sold kue lupis. Hers was so good, the lupis was so soft and I never found th.

Papeda, Maluku Food, Indonesian, made from Sago with Fish Soup

Papeda (sago congee), Kuah Kuning (yelow soup) and Ikan Tude Bakar (grilled fish) with Dabu-dabu and Rica sambal. The Eastern Indonesian meal; Papeda, the staple food of Eastern Indonesia have a glue-like consistency and texture.

Resep Capcay Kuah Resep Masakan indonesia

Resep Capcay Kuah Resep Masakan indonesia